Wednesday, 7 November 2012

App Review: Tune In Radio

So today i'm going to try something different. Instead of doing one of my normal posts, I have decided that i'm going to do an app review. now if this works out all right then I may very well do some more reviews over time, when I find an app that I would like to review.

Well on to the review. Today i'm going to be doing a small review on an app that I have had for quite some time. The app in question is Tune in Radio.

Now this app is great. I have been using the free version since i got my android phone, but have recently payed £0.61 to get access to tune in radio pro.

Now onto some of the things I love about this app. first the interface is very clean and it doesn't feel cluttered.

This image shows the interface that you would see when you are listening to a station on this app. as you can see I use this app mostly for listening to Japanese radio stations as i'm learning Japanese in my spare time and enjoy listening and feeding Japanese into my head on a daily basis.

Now one of the features that the pro version of Tune in Radio has is the ability to record the radio station that you are listening to so that you can go back and listen to it when ever you want to. This feature is very handy as I leave it recording every night. Now at first I was expecting it to take up quite a lot of the space on my nexus 7 but was very surprised in the morning when i went to stop the recording and then find that it only used about 157mb for something that was nearly 6 hours long.

The tab for all of the recordings that I have currently done. as you can see, small file sizes for very long recordings.

now apart from all of the things I love about this app, there is still many features that Tune in can do. It has the ability to search over 70,000 different radio stations from all over the world. If you are looking for specific types of station then you can search by the type of station, location or language.

Overall I would give this app a 5/5 as it's brilliant and I don't think I could do with out it. definitely a great buy if you are always looking for something new to listen to.

you can find both version of the app linked below

Tune in free: here
Tune in Pro: here

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