Wednesday, 7 November 2012

App Review: Tune In Radio

So today i'm going to try something different. Instead of doing one of my normal posts, I have decided that i'm going to do an app review. now if this works out all right then I may very well do some more reviews over time, when I find an app that I would like to review.

Well on to the review. Today i'm going to be doing a small review on an app that I have had for quite some time. The app in question is Tune in Radio.

Now this app is great. I have been using the free version since i got my android phone, but have recently payed £0.61 to get access to tune in radio pro.

Now onto some of the things I love about this app. first the interface is very clean and it doesn't feel cluttered.

This image shows the interface that you would see when you are listening to a station on this app. as you can see I use this app mostly for listening to Japanese radio stations as i'm learning Japanese in my spare time and enjoy listening and feeding Japanese into my head on a daily basis.

Now one of the features that the pro version of Tune in Radio has is the ability to record the radio station that you are listening to so that you can go back and listen to it when ever you want to. This feature is very handy as I leave it recording every night. Now at first I was expecting it to take up quite a lot of the space on my nexus 7 but was very surprised in the morning when i went to stop the recording and then find that it only used about 157mb for something that was nearly 6 hours long.

The tab for all of the recordings that I have currently done. as you can see, small file sizes for very long recordings.

now apart from all of the things I love about this app, there is still many features that Tune in can do. It has the ability to search over 70,000 different radio stations from all over the world. If you are looking for specific types of station then you can search by the type of station, location or language.

Overall I would give this app a 5/5 as it's brilliant and I don't think I could do with out it. definitely a great buy if you are always looking for something new to listen to.

you can find both version of the app linked below

Tune in free: here
Tune in Pro: here

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

CMS Update

So it really has been a while since my last post. but a small update on the CMS.

At the moment we are starting to create some of the controls that can be used when creating sites with it. The first control that we are creating is a Calender control. this will allow you to have a custom calender on your site. this will have lots of different styles that can be used eventually. if you want to use your own custom styles then this will be something that you can also do.

Will make my next update when I have some more news on this and hopefully by then , I will be able to give you all some more news about the CMS and any extra features that may have been added.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Google nexus 7 tablet

okay, so yesterday I went and bought myself a Google nexus 7 and all I can say so far is that I'm glad I did :-)

Now I will be able to blog from anywhere that has a wifi connection, which means you all may be seeing more posts from me on a more regular basis.

Anyway on to some more information about this tab. now I didn't want to get the 8gb model as when formatted it will only give you about 5.92gb of space that you can use I believe.

Now there are a few good things that I do like about this tablet. 1 is the voice assistant. pretty much the same as siri, but seems to be faster. Next would have to be the the tegra 3 processor that is in the tablet, and as there are quite a few games out there, such as shadow gun, asphalt 7, nova 3 and lots more. now the games that I have mentioned I do own and they are really good fun to play. The games run really well and the graphics are very nice.

over all I would have to say that this tablet is a great buy for £199.

more to come at some point soon.

also post made from nexus 7 :-)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Work, College and many other things.

So its been a while since my last post on here. This mainly comes down to the fact that I have been extremely busy at work lately, and also that I have been having to complete some of my college work before I start the second year of my foundation degree at my local college.

Any way on to some other updates. First me and a friend are starting to plan out and build our own custom CMS that we can use for all of our websites. Will keep everyone updated on this as this will take quite some time to get up and running.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

July Update

So as of late I have been very busy with work, so haven't really found the time to make a new post on here. but I finally managed to make some time so here goes.

First I have finally finished the first year of the degree that I am studying ^^ results day will be next Thursday of the 12th so looking forward to it.

Second I have been very busy at work lately as we have been getting a lot of work coming to us, so will be working on quite a few websites this month.

In other news, I shall be hopefully trying to post a bit more regularly, hopefully you will also see some Japanese here and there in the later posts as I have decided that it is time that I got back into studying Japanese again, instead of starting and then stopping and so on.

Well that is about all I have to post tonight, Shall get around to making another post tomorrow after I have finished work.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Minecraft Snapshot 12W21A

So today, i feel like going over the latest Minecraft snapshot that has been released.

There have been some nice additions added to this snapshot, below you will see some of the things that have been added:

  • stackable buckets
  • Enderchest (Requires obsidian and eye of ender)
  • New trading system with the testificates
  • Pyramids
  • New golden apple that is made with gold blocks

  • So those are just a few of the new things that have been added. anyway i have to say that this has been one of the best snapshots released so far.

    now although i haven't found some of the new things in my world yet in game, i will be sure to over the next night or 2 meaning i shall add some images of some of the new features.

    anyway now there are a couple of things that i am glad have been added to the game and these are stackable buckets and Villager trading system. now i'm glad that buckets are now stackable as its been a real pain when playing the game and finding that a lot of the space in my chests and inventory have been taken up by buckets, and the trading system is something that i am going to be using a lot in the future i think as it will allow me to get things that i may need such as food or what ever else the villagers will be trading.

    Anyway thats about all for this post. will hopefully get some images up of some of the new stuff over the next couple of days

    Also find a link to the snapshot here:

    Monday, 21 May 2012

    Olympic Torch

    So it's been a while since my last blog post.

    This morning's post will only be short.

    Today we closed the Inspira Digital offices for 20 minutes to go and see the Olympic torch run through Barnstaple. Me and the other members of the team watched the torch go past from Rolle Quay. Below you can find a video that we recorded on a smart phone.